Quiet Time

At Clarks Bedford Interchange we understand that shopping can be very overwhelming for many people with special educational needs, those with autism and their families.

In store we offer the following to try and make this experience a little easier:

  • Dedicated, longer appointment slots outside of opening hours so you get the store to yourselves
  • Fully trained staff member to look after you.
  • Staff member can also wear plain clothes, no strong scents etc to minimise overloading senses
  • A quieter environment by turning the music off or down
  • A story board to help describe how their time in store will be spent, which makes their time in store a little easier, or to help with non-verbal or limited communication.

As well as this specialist service, we also book free measure and fit appointments for children all year round and we also measure adults feet too. We also offer NHS, Blue Light and student discounts too! We also offer a Welcome to the Family discount where we offer 20% off an adults pair of shoes when purchasing a child’s first shoes with us.